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Gisselle and Jonathan Larrea - January 26, 2014

Featured Professional:
A Day to Remember - Connie Tome
407-342-2881 -

Floral & Decor: A Day to Remember
Ceremony & Reception: Eagle Creek Golf Club
Linens and Rentals: A Day to Remember
Photography: Jackie Beale Photography
Entertatnment: Diverse Entertainment
Cake: Beverly Cakes
Special Touches:
True love, as the saying goes, knows no bounds, no obstacles. So what makes this particular union so special? It is something of a dream; one must only see played out in movies or read in books. But for Gisselle and Jonathan, this was their story! At the tender ag of 12, these two met at a mutual chruch they attended in Orlando, Florida. It was a young and innocent love, as children tend to have. They created a notebook. In it, they would write back and forth to express how they felt towards one another. Jonathan took to writing poems and even asked her for her hand in marriage. Gisselle answered with a resounding "YES!" However, love would have to wait. I had the extraordinary pleasure of working with this couple and learning of their truly amazing story. I am honored not to only be a part of their lives, but to call them my friends. I wish all the best to the Fairy Tale Couple!

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